24 August 2016

Probate File #8211

Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets...:

Petitioner, Henry McCloy and Mary McPeck, brother and sister of said deceased, city of Wyandotte.....

This Mary McPeck?:

Wyandotte, Wayne, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
John Mcpeck Self M 60
Mary Mcpeck Wife  F 60
Mary Mcpeck Daughter F 38
Kate Mcpeck Daughter F 24
Jane O'Connel Granddaughter  F 14
Kate O'Connel Granddaughter  F 9
John O'Connel Grandson  M 6

22 August 2016

Samuel Arrington's Pension Application


State of Virginia
Amherst County
Samuel Arrington, a resident of Nelson County, Virginia
Age: 81 Years Old
22 August 1843
Served Under Captain Jesse Allen

21 August 2016

Samuel Newell As Security

Picture Taken In Southwest Virginia

From the website "On The Trail Of Colonel Charles Cocke":

21 Aug 1782 Probate of Estates of Joshua Butcher, Sr and Jr
Washington County, Virginia
The two widows of the Joshua Butchers were appointed administratrix of their husbands estates by the Washington Co., VA court on August 21, 1782. The widow Katherine, wife of Joshua, Sr., had as her security Samuel Newell and Charles Cocke... .

Emory L. Hamilton, "Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers of Southwest Virginia, 1773-1794", #51.

Also see Newells In The Draper Collection on this blog.  A bit about Mrs. Samuel Newell here.

From another blog post:

Elizabeth Colville was born about 27 April 1722 in Ireland; this postsuggested that Elizabeth and her second husband, Samuel Newell, were buried in the Eusebia Church Cemetery in Blount County, Tennessee.

20 August 2016

Cleveland Descendants Are Legion

A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Peter Johnston...

Susanna Cleveland...was of a prolific family, the descendants of which are legion.*  *I am one of the legion 

Edward Cleveland, seventh child and fourth son of Moses, was born in Woburn, Mass. May 20, 1663, married Deliverance Palmer who bore him 9 children... .

My Cleveland line continued through Edward (3).  Edward (3) Cleveland's daughter, Joanna, married John Backus.  That's the end of my Cleveland lineage.

19 August 2016

The Eberly Family


Exploring the Eberly (or Everly) family with particular interest with the Everlys who were connected with the Roark family.

18 August 2016

Cap au Grès

A Scene in Missouri

From "The 1820 journal of Stephen Watts Kearny : comprising a narrative account of the Council Bluff-St. Peter's military exploration and a voyage down the Mississippi River to St. Louis"

August 18th. [1820]

On awaking in the morning we found we had progressed but slowly during the night, not having made more than 4 or 5 miles.

In the morning passed by ''Quiver" [Cuivre, French for copper] on the West and at noon reached *"Capo Gray." At this point the river is quite narrow, not more than 300 yards wide. On the West side are the remains of old ''Fort Independence," erected [near Troy, Missouri] during the late war for the protection of the Frontier Inhabitants. 12 miles brought us to ''Little Capo Gray" where we saw several settlements, & it being dark all hands retired to rest, the same ceremony of the appointment of watch having been gone thro' as the night previous.

*"Capo Gray" should be Cap au Grès. This is another French term that lent itself to conversion by Americans into an English phrase of similar sound but different meaning. Even the French fell into the habit of rendering the name "Cap au Gris", mistaking gres, a noun, meaning sandstone, for the adjective gris, meaning gray. 

17 August 2016

Court Martial At St. Mary's

St. Mary's, Georgia

Augusta, Georgia
17 August 1819

....in the cases of Captain Spencer and Lieutenant Simmons, tried before the court martial at St. Mary's, Major Davis has been transmitted to Major General Jackson for his decision....