27 July 2017

Beatrice And The Most Handsome Man In Flint

Beatrice Cameron and her friend Suzanne met "the most handsome man in Flint*" at a local fair some time before May 29, 1924, Beatrice's wedding day.  

In 1923, Beatrice was a machine operator at the Marvel Carburetor Company and lived at 609 Warren Avenue in Flint, Michigan.  Beatrice's future husband, Ralph N. Powers, was an auto worker who lived on South Saginaw Street, right in the heart of the City of Flint,   

When Beatrice was born on July 4, 1900, in Arenac County, Michigan, Ralph was almost four years old and living in Battle Creek.  

*Ralph N. Powers - as related to me by his daughter, who quoted an in-law of Ralph's sister Cynthia June (Powers) Brown.  

26 July 2017

Alias The Scot In Quebec

Historic View Of The City Of Quebec

Modern Quebec


In 1609 when Champlain sailed up the St. Lawrence and into the great lake which bears his name, there was with him a man who won renown as a St. Lawrence pilot — -" Abraham Martin, alias the Scot." He located at Quebec, reared a family there, and immortalized his Christian name by giving it to that famous battle-field made illustrious by Scotsmen — the Plains of Abraham.

25 July 2017

Grierson Of Lag

Lag Tower - Source

"...there is no legal proof connecting the Gilbert Grierson of the Charters with MacGregor ancestry.  Granting that the required link is missing, yet most Highlanders will accept the tradition."

"...the theory of a Grierson and MacGregor link has been refuted by modern historians...".

Gilbert Grierson of Lag was found here in the Peerage.

23 July 2017

William Hinds In The Militia

Hills Of Southwest Virginia

From The Militia Of Washington County, Virginia:

Index of Militia Men
Page 104

2nd Batt., 70th Reg., 1798; Capt. Irby's Company, 1803; Capt. Campbell's Company, 1st. Batt., 1804; Capt. Byars' Company, 1807.

William Hinds also served (and died) during the War of 1812.

Samuel Hinds was also listed.  William Hinds had a son named Samuel.  Was this Samuel Hinds related?  I don't know.
105th Reg., 1821.

22 July 2017

Another Look At The Bandy Family

The comprehensive Bandy site can be seen here.

My connected Bandy family line:

Aquilla Greer, Jr. m. Elizabeth Bandy
Asa Greer m. Rebecca Neighbors
Mary (Polly) Greer m. John Johnson
James Johnson m. Nancy Graves 
James D. Johnson m. Katie Rice
Katherine Johnson m. James H. Garrett
J. Garrett m. Richard N. Powers
Me [Cathy (Powers) Palm]

The Revolutionary War pension of Thomas Bandy in Tennessee (see via link).

From the Virginia Reports: Jefferson--33 Grattan, 1730-1880:

Two more Bandy blog posts here and here.

21 July 2017

John Sevier

Sevier Family Monument - Johnson City, Tennessee

King's Mountain and Its Heroes: History of the Battle of King's Mountain ... By Lyman Copeland Draper, Anthony Allaire, Isaac Shelby:

 Late in 1773 John Sevier removed his family to the Holston country... .  He was at Watauga Fort when attacked July twenty-first, 1776. 

Watauga Fort

20 July 2017

Renton Hall Near Haddington

Illustration On Opposite Page Mentioning Renton Hall

The author of The Birds Of Berwickshire mentioned Rentonhall, near Haddington, where he was shooting birds in September of 1869.

Also see James Pittullo of Renton Hall.